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MICE tourism is booming with each passing day. Destinations, hotels, transport vendors, cruises and all related stakeholders in the system are making an effort to keep the growth pattern of the industry rising and intact. Here are the top 10 trends shaping the world of MICE tourism in the country.

  1. Technology: Technology is shaping the future of MICE tourism. It helps bring audiences together and brings a buyer closer to the seller. Bots are a way to go when it comes to managing large groups. Whether it is online or offline, the service provider has to be available and present across time zones to address various customer queries and only technology can make it happen.
  • Large groups: When it comes to MICE tourism, it is important to remember that it is a large group movement and the needs of large groups may not be homogenous. Hence, one size fits all will not be a valid proposition here. This will need finer detailing and personalization to suite to various audience preferences and demographics and then designing an itinerary that suits the larger group.
  • Destination events: Earlier, it was destination weddings that caught the attention of many. With evolution happening in the industry, the destination has become the center of planning. Whether it is a birthday party or an annual meeting, people are choosing destinations to make the affair more memorable and intimate.
  • Personalization: In the MICE industry, personalization is the key. Small gifts kept in the room, while employees are away, is a good way to boost loyalty and improve emotional connect. Small personalized gestures can go a long way.
  • High customer satisfaction: MICE travel enhances the WOW factor of incentive travel and brings people closer. Customers get value for their money and it increases their satisfaction. There are several activities that can be included in an event.
  • Food: Food is a common binder for relationships and plays a crucial role during events. The first question asked by meeting planners is about food. Indian food is diverse and this requires that food choice for all among large groups should be taken care of. Now whether the event is at a domestic location or an international one, food plays a critical role in defining the overall experience.
  • Combine leisure with business: MICE tourism helps combine business and leisure. It includes localization and offers an immersive experience that carries a memorable effect that lasts over long periods of time.
  • Adventure tourism: The demand for adventure tourism is increasing and MICE tourism will have to adapt it. The inclusion of adventure activities into a trip can build a strong bond amongst the team members. But this also depends on organization’s policies wherein indulging in such activities might not be allowed keeping in mind the safety and security norms.
  • Demand for short holidays: Teams are looking to take home happiness quotient. It is the happiness factor that is inscribed on their faces. Organization of short holidays can act as a rejuvenator, help improve productivity and bring the team closer.
  1. Sustainability: A buzzword in meetings, sustainability is everything today. Planners are well in sync with sustainability and they are taking the right steps by choosing the right type of products to ensure minimum waste. They aim to create a balance between people, planet and profit.

These 10 trends will rule the world of MICE tourism in 2020. Business owners and service providers need to keep the latest changes and the demands of consumers in mind when offering services or planning a package for a group.