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These event ideas will add the creativity at your next company event!

A corporate event can be anything from meetings to team building activities, and client events to conferences. It could be a one-day event or a week-long conference. How you plan your company event speaks a lot about the culture and creativity of your organization. 


Corporate events are organized by various business functions and it could be for the stakeholders, employees or the general public. Some events are to raise money or to launch new products. Many organizations also hold annual events across the country. Company events call for a lot of planning and organization. If you want to do something unique this year, consider the below-mentioned event ideas and take the creativity of your company to another level. 


•   Business festival


The business festival does not have to be boring neither does it have to look like a conference. Most festivals are music based and you can have a business festival that is based around a specific topic. It could be about the latest launch or the culture of your organization. Business festivals can be a lot of fun when filled with stands, food, and drinks.


•   Outdoor cinema screening


If the organization has adequate outdoor space or even a rooftop, create an outdoor cinema screening. This event idea is in trend and will not go out of style for a long time to come. It is a great idea for a business event where you allow people to bring their families on a warm summer evening. This is one event idea where no one would want to be left behind. Irrespective of the number of people or the age group, an outdoor cinema screening is always a hit!


•   Themed dinner


Business dinners have always been considered to be formal. With a business event, you can have a themed dinner where you choose a theme and all guests follow suit. Whether it is using props or dressing up according to a theme, it will create a fun and interesting environment. You can also give awards to the best dressed and the best-styled employee. 


•   Disco party


Set a celebratory mood for the business event with a disco party. You can use an LED screen and decor like a chandelier or a glitter enthused stairway. Add fun elements like photo booths and ice cream vending machines at the party. If you cannot decorate the venue, you can use a digital screen to set the right mood. 


•   Call a band, comedian or magician


One of the most preferred event idea is to have a fun night by calling in a professional. You can invite a magician, stand up comedian or a band to perform for your company. Ask everyone to bring their families and end the night with food and games. 


Organizing a corporate event does not have to be expensive, big or scary. Consider it as an opportunity to connect with the employees and have a fun evening. You can seek help from professional organisations like Wizard Meetings & Incentive Travel to ensure that the event is well planned and organized.